5 Things Every Lady Wishes to Hear When She Meets a Guy

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There are so many things you have an opportunity to talk about when you meet a new lady and are hoping to start dating her. But there are five things women love to hear you say – and surprise – it’s not all about them!

#1 – You have a sense of humour.

When polled, many women put a sense of humor above all other positive traits a man can have. Women like men who don’t take things serious all the time. That doesn’t mean they prefer a class clown who can’t settle down, though.

You don’t want to be “on” all of the time. Just know how to have an appropriate sense of humour. Until you know what she finds funny, refrain from being crude or vulgar with your humor.

#2 – You have a job.

So many people are out of work these days, and that’s a shame. But it’s a good idea if you’re not one of them. When it comes to dating a man, grown women like to date men who are independent (live out of their mother’s home), and who are steadily employed.

It’s not about being the CEO of a company, either. Some women are, indeed gold diggers. But not the majority of them. She does want to know you can pay the bill (unless she offers to go Dutch). She wants to make sure you’re not looking at her as an ATM machine.

#3 – You love your family.

Women (especially if they’re looking to build a family with you in the future), want to know that you’re a family man. That all starts with your own family. There’s a fine line, though.

A man who adores his mother is great – but do you love her to the point that she runs your life? That becomes a little unnerving to a woman. She’ll want to hear how much you love spending time with your nieces and nephews.

#4 – You respect women.

Some men do themselves a disfavor by trying to put their new female friend on a pedestal and cut down other women around them. This doesn’t go over well with a confident woman.

If you’re used to dating insecure women, you might have found this technique helpful. But a confident woman will want to see that you treat all women with respect.

#5 – You heard what she just said.

Bad listeners are like a plague when it comes to women trying to find a good man. It’s a running joke among married couples, but when you’re dating, make sure you parrot some of what she says back to her (or ask her questions about what she just said) so that she knows you’re tuned in to what she’s saying. And not only hear what she is saying, pay attention to it. We all like to think we are interesting to others, and she is no different, so paying attention to her will keep her in that dating mode.

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