How to figure out if your partner is faking her orgasms!

Swinging Lady waiting to Orgasm
She is waiting for her Orgasm

And what to do if she fakes her Orgasm

It’s every sexually active man’s fear, wondering if his partner or partners have or are faking their orgasms.

The female orgasm has actually constantly been shrouded in secret for men (and many females!). Things like the male’s sexual method, the female’s knowledge of exactly how her body works and responds to different things, and the female’s mood at the time of sex all play a part in her either reaching her ultimate climax or practicing her acting classes from high school.

Indication # 1: BLOOD FLOW SIGNALS. When a female is sexually aroused, the blood flow to specific parts of her body adjust. These changes are most noteworthy (and of most use to us men!) when a woman climaxes. Let’s go over some of the Blood Flow Signals you want to be looking out for:

A. Watching her cheeks during sex and notice how red or blushed they are. When a girl orgasms, the blood flow to her face typically increases, you’ll typically see her cheeks suddenly become more pink and flushed.

B. Another part of the body where the blood increase it flow when a female reaches orgasm is the nipples; again, try to watch for exactly how they alter as you have sex and especially when she appears to be having an orgasm. If she IS genuinely cumming, her nipples might effectively end up being harder and more “erect”.

C. Her chest is another EXCELLENT area to notice the after-effects of an orgasm (not that I have to get you to look at her chest, but I am asking you to be paying attention to it not just admire it!). A huge number of females, right after they climax, have a red flush on their chests that almost resembles a light breakout. If your woman has this, it’s a strong indication she’s just experienced the magic “O”.

D. Lastly, her vagina’s lips (labia). Look for a small reddening and swelling as another indication that she’s not play-acting her ultimate pleasure.

Indication # 2: The above blood flow signals are normally observed simply after a lady’s climaxed. This sign is noticeable only when she?s actually experiencing an orgasm. Attempt to feel or sense small tightenings in her vagina; these twitches frequently take place as a natural result of what a lady is psychically experiencing and acts as an excellent indicator of whether she’s actually cumming.

Indication # 3: When they reach orgasm, the majority of females sort of zone out for a minute and afterwards, over the 15-20 seconds that follow their orgasm, gradually come back around. Search for this zoning out impact by viewing her eyes after she apparently cums. Do they look sort of glazed or glassy, even for just a few seconds? The good thing about this indicator is that ladies rarely ever attempt to fake this as they don’t even know they do it. So when you notice it happening, it serves as a positive indicator of your “success”!

Indication # 4: Lastly, observe her behavor when she “climaxes”, is it usually from the same kind of or similar stimulation. For example, does she tend to cum most of the time from oral sex or penetrative sex? Is it usually towards the end of your lovemaking or does it seem to happen randomly. If her orgasms ARE wild and inconsistent and brought about seemingly by completely different kinds of stimulus, there may be something amiss. Also, does she talk about having an orgasm a lot? Say, after you finish sex, does she often confirm, even without you asking, that she had a great time and came lots? A lot of women do this when they think the man hasn’t believed their orgasmic reactions, so consider what she says and the way she says it carefully.

In general, your goal is not to be playing private detective in bed. You are simply trying to find out if she’s being satisfied or not, right? To find out if you are consistantly bringing her to orgasm, look for the 4 simple indicators above you should have a good idea as to whether she is happy with your lovemaking technique. If you DO think she’s faking it, I suggest you first talk with her about it. However then, as the reason she is depriving herself is possibly due to you lacking in skills, I think the answer to the problem is for you to stop up your game and discover exactly ways to physically please her, or, for that matter, any woman. There are dozens of methods and strategies for doing this, all ready and waiting for you to learn. So don’t wait any longer to revolutionize your performance and ability in bed.

W. Wilcox is the expert author of Orgasmology, an online guide that coaches men on the special techniques that make up the science of explosive sex and multiple orgasms.

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