How to Get Your Wife to Have Sex Again

Swinging couple about to have sex

It is very tough and emotionally straining to live in a sexless marriage, sex is an intrigal part of life. You are dealing with feelings of being confused, rejected, hurt, and maybe even afraid of the future. You love your wife, you try to do well by her, but she seems to have turned away from you, as if a switch has been turned off in her mind, and for no apparent reason. If you’re wondering how to get your wife to have sex again, know that you’re not alone. This is a common problem which is shared by over 10% of married couples.

There are some things you can and should do in order get the passion back leading to sex:

1. Try to see if there is a trigger which started all of this. In some cases a terrible fight between a man and his wife can cause her to isolate herself. Or she may have gone through some sort of trauma. This isn’t always the case, but it’s something worth considering.

2. Don’t pressure her – Letting your wife know that you’re interested in making love with her again is a good thing, but trying to pressure her isn’t. Pressure isn’t the way to get your wife to want to have sex again. It may even make things worse.

3. Work on other aspects of your relationship – Try to simply have fun with your wife. Make her enjoy living with you more. You can take her on a trip, go to see a play, or catch the occasional movie. Don’t think about sex, just enjoy spending time together and you will see results.

4. Be physical but gentle – It’s okay to try to be physical with your wife but build it up gradually, like courtship. Make it all about her and she’ll get used to your touch again. This can be done with a massage, foot rub, stroking her hair, or simply holding her hand. Don’t try to push for sex at first to avoid pressuring her. Make her feel comfortable and you’ll progress gradually to the bedroom.

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