How To Deal With Performance Jealousy In The Swinging Lifestyle

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Welcome to one in a series of articles where I help you deal with the Jealousy you may end up feeling while you are involved in the Swinging Lifestyle. I have written each article to deal with one situation so that I can give you a complete solution to your problem so you can get rid of those feelings of Jealousy.

Most swingers have had feelings of jealousy at one time or another, so you are in good company. That may or may not make you feel any better, but I had to try. So let’s look into one of the reasons you may get this jealousy feeling when swinging.

Performance Issues Causing Jealousy

There are a few reasons you may feel performance jealousy, so let’s go through them one at a time.

Why Doesn’t She Or He React Like That When We Have Sex?

First off, you should not feel jealous, you should be taking notes. When Ted goes crazy about something another lady is doing to him, I pay attention to what she is doing, exactly what she is doing (that is if I am not being distracted by someone else at the time). I want to learn what she is doing that makes him feel so good. If I can’t figure it out then I ask him later to describe it, and try to recreate the feeling with him and I. This is a great way to keep your own sex life exciting.

The He Is Bigger, Harder, and/or Lasts Longer Jealousy

Okay guys it is time you learned that no matter what you have someone will come along who had something that you don’t have. Just because he is bigger does not mean he is better. Just because he is harder that does not mean he is better. And just because he lasts longer than you that really does not mean he is better. Are you getting the picture yet? Good, because there is no reason for these feelings of jealousy, that is if you know how to use what you have got. Smaller sometimes fits and works better, too hard means I, for one, cannot deep throat you (that goes for too big as well). And lasting longer, did you ever think that your partner has had enough and is finished and she is just waiting for him to cum? Makes you feel better now, doesn’t it?

I’m Jealous, She Can Cum Easier Than Me

You have been watching too many adult movies. First off, many women need to be stimulated for at least 10 – 20 minutes before they experience an orgasm. It really depends a lot on where your head is at, and I am not talking about it being on a pillow. Make sure you are in the moment, not thinking about anything else except how good it feels. And if it is just not right, suggest a position change, guys love when women give them input.

Bottom line, does it really matter that she cums faster than you? That is similar to guys worrying that the other guy lasted longer than they did. If everyone had fun, that is all that should matter.

Next, let’s look into some other reasons the Jealousy monster may be visiting you and get that straightened out so you can relax and really enjoy the great sex!

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