Kissing A Woman

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Never Ask a Woman’s permission to start Kissing

One of the worst rookie mistakes that a man can make when he starts meeting women and dating them (and this is also true in the swinging lifestyle) is to ask permission for a kiss. I get it, you want to respect her boundaries – but it could give her the impression that you are weak.

The problem with asking for a kiss is that this is something a sweet, innocent young boy would ask during his first time kissing a girl. It’s not something a confident, grown man asks.

It’s not endearing to women. Asking for a kiss takes all of the romance and spontaneity out of the moment. It puts her in the driver’s seat, and women like it when a man has the confidence to take the risk.

Instead of asking a woman if you can kiss her, you can set up the perfect moment and then look for signs that she wants you to. Make sure you’re not trying to kiss her right in the middle of a crowded room, or somewhere she may not be comfortable with it.

Some women aren’t okay with public displays of affection (PDA) – and it’s not very romantic. A better idea would be when you’re walking her up to her door for the night and you’re basically alone. And although that is a very traditional time for a first kiss, it is also quite romantic.

Some men lean in at the dinner table in a restaurant for the first kiss. Before you pay the check, don’t say anything like, “I want to tell you something,” and get her to lean in so you can plant one on her. That is just not the right time.

Kissing (especially for the first time) should take place when you both have fresh breath and not after dinner breath. She might want to check her teeth first and pop a breath mint before the big smooch.

One thing women will do when they want you to kiss them is glance at your lips – usually, from your eyes to your lips. And she might gently bite her lower lip, too – as if she’s in anticipation.

Let the conversation whittle down a bit and make sure the two of you are fairly close to each other. If she’s leaning in and opening up her stance to you, it probably means she’s ready for a first kiss.

Women who try to keep distance between the two of you are trying to give you signals so that they won’t have to hurt your feelings and decline the kiss. That’s something women won’t do – kiss you to be nice, unless it’s a peck on the cheek.

When you do go in for the kiss, don’t swallow her face whole in the process. Women like gentle kisses that build up steam along the way. She doesn’t want to be devoured and choked by your tongue in the first round. Build it up right and you could be kissing the whole night long.

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