What to Expect When you go on a Swingers Cruise Takeover

Swingers Cruise Takeover
I wrote this article with two different people in mind. The first is for the first time cruiser (people who have never been on a cruise ship before whether just a regular cruise or with other lifestyle people). And the other person in mind is for the seasoned lifestyle traveler. This is based on my experiences specifically with the first successful full ship lifestyle cruise ship takeover (let me tell you all about it in my…

Swingers Cruise Takeover Review

Going on a cruise allows you to visit two or more different ports (locations). Makes telling the family some holiday stories a little easier. Cruise takeovers are very similar to a hotel takeover but on steroids. A lot more people and when you are on a day at sea you have a captive group of people to get to know, which is so much fun — believe me.

With a Swingers cruise takeover you always have the option of hanging out by the pool and just people watch if that is your comfort level (or if you just need a day off to recover from all the partying).

Swingers Travel So what can you expect on a Swingers Cruise Takeover?

Well, first of all a lot of swingers, as well as some “just curious” people. They will generally be sexy people, don’t read that they will all be perfect Barbie & Kens, the “perfect” people will be there along with some of us just regular folks. People from all walks of life are swingers so it goes to reason that most groups will be represented.

Okay, so you get it, there will be lots of good looking people, but who are they?

Well, they will be a cross section of people in the Swinging Lifestyle (who are a cross section of society). There will be people who are ready to play, face it most people going to a ship full of swingers are looking to have some fun with swingers. But there will also be some who are just there for the sexy atmosphere. Not everyone just wants to have sex with other people, the atmosphere of a swingers cruise takeover is hard to describe, full of energy, sexual energy actually, it is very erotic just being there. So if you are just not at the point that you think you are ready to actually swing this could be a great starting point, since there is no requirement to do anything with anyone else.

What else will there be?

There will be dancing, partying, drinking, having all sorts of fun. Lots and lots of people to meet, talk to, get to know, and possibly have sex with, if you are all agreeable.

There will also be lots of sexy dinner and dance attire to admire. So, if you are looking for somewhere to go so that you can show off your closet full of sexy mini dresses and lifestyle costumes, which you just can’t wear when the family comes over then this is your place.

If you are also looking for somewhere to work on your all over tans, then you would probably like to know that the pool areas are setup to be clothing optional. So if you don’t want to expose all your good parts you can leave as little to the imagination as you would like. I personally like to have a small tan line on the bottoms and have multiple bottoms with the same design cut so I can keep my sexy tan lines intact, just getting naked to go into the hot tub (don’t want the chlorine to bleach my suit).

Swingers Party Rooms

Now let’s talk party rooms, these are places setup with the intention of bringing someone there to have sex with, meeting someone there to have sex with, or even just going there and having sex with your partner while watching other people have sex… you voyeur you!

Basically, if/when you book yourself on a Swingers Cruise takeover you are in for a REALLY fun and amazing time. How do I know? Well I was on the first successful Swingers full ship takeover.

So if you want to learn more about Swingers Cruise Takeovers or other Swingers travel go to TrystTravel.com now or just swinging in general you are already in the place you should be at SandiOnSwinging,com.

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