American Lowlife Swingers Party

Time to start giving you updates on what Ted and I have been up to here in Vegas… just because we are not home does not mean we are not working behind the scenes. Last Friday we went to the American Lowlife club swingers party beside the strip at Krave.?Went there with a “good friend” of ours, Bill, who tagged along on part of our holiday to go to Barrett Jackson. There was a huge bar area where you could hang out and meet other guests, a dance floor and for the more adventurous, a stage area to show off your stuff with two pillars where a couple of really cute girls were shaking up a storm. We finally left at around 2am (things go on late in Vegas) and this guy followed the three of us almost all the way back to our car wanting to join in on our party…. but we didn’t let him, and it was a good thing since when we got back to the Bed & Breakfast, where we are staying, there was already an “after party” going on which was just about to go out to the hot tub.

We had a great time at the swingers party, but now found out that it will be their last swingers party at that venue… guess it is time for something new. Then we got invited to the Saturday night swingers party held by Perfect LV…. you will have to wait for tomorrow to find out about that one…. I know I can be such a tease…. Sandi

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