Las Vegas Swingers Club

Here is the Las Vegas Swingers Club update I promised you yesterday… The Saturday “Perfect LV” party (one of the most exclusive Las Vegas Swingers Club) was held at the top of THEHotel (between Mandalay Bay & the Luxor). So you can imagine the incredible view, well the view inside the party was just as incredible… the guests were beautiful, well dressed and friendly people. But, as seems to be normal in most clubs the music was too loud to be able to talk without yelling, but it is a regular night club with the “Swingers Party” taking over a corner of the club so they don’t have much control over the music.

The washrooms did, however, give me the most unique experience I have ever had… now get your mind out of the gutter… no I did not have sex in the washroom. You need to picture this… it is pretty dark in there (not sure how a lady is supposed to fix her makeup when she can’t really see herself in front of the mirror). Then you go into the bathroom stall which is a fair size room with a wooden door and a dim spot light which highlights the toilet (don’t worry I will not be getting graphic here). The toilet faced the floor to ceiling windows looking out over the strip and another hotel, so you basically do your business facing this window looking over everything. Definitely gave me a “I’m being watched” feeling… now I am sure it is one way glass but I could not shake the weird feeling it gave me :-).

Aside from the washrooms, which if you can get over the being watched feeling is pretty cool, there was one major complaint…. the cost of the drinks. I guess I am too thrifty with my money, but when Ted handed me a glass of wine and told me it was $20, I thought that was a little much for 2 drinks, but it is a great view. Then he laughed and said that it was $20 EACH for a glass of wine… I can buy a bottle or two of wine for that. But again… Great View… guess you have to pay for it somehow.

See you tomorrow for another Las Vegas Swingers update…. Sandi

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