Hanlan’s Point Nude Beach

Toronto Nude Beach

Can you believe it’s almost summer time, and that means it is time to go to Hanlan’s Nude Beach. I know Sandi and I can’t wait, we never can. As most of you know our summer pretty much revolves around boating, and in our boating travels we spend as much time as we can afford at Hanlan’s Point tied up to the wall with hundreds of other boaters. What we didn’t realize till last year is how many boaters also visit the Nude Beach.

One time last year, we were sitting on the back of the boat having another drink and thinking (yes, a lot of thinking and drinking seems to happen on boats) about getting ready to head over to the nude beach and we started to see a steady stream of boaters leaving their boats with towels, blankets and coolers and they all headed straight for the nude beach (for those of you that may not realize it, Hanlan’s Point boat docks are less than 3 minutes away from Hanlan’s Nude Beach, if you get a good parking spot). I’m betting that at least 25% of the boaters we see on the wall end up at the nude beach at one time or another over the summer.

We have even taken some of our “straight” friends over to the beach. They all said that they would go back with us any time, and it wasn’t anything like they expected it would be.

One thing I will say is that in all the years Sandi and I have been going to the Hanlan’s Nude Beach it REALLY has matured. Years and years ago it was strictly a Gay Beach and any couples that did show up were not made to feel very welcome, but in recent years the beach has really become a much more friendly place to “hang out”. Sure it is still primarily Gay (and I’m sure it would not exist at all without all the great work the Gay community has done to keep it alive — BIG thank you to those who help keep it around), but couples and singles are more than welcome to go there. In actual fact, a couple of weekends last year there were almost as many couples as singles there.

Everyone was polite, well behaved and everyone went out of their way to clean up as they left. All in all, a very enjoyable experience, you should all give it a try, and if you see Sandi and I there, please make sure you stop and say hi!… Don’t know how to get there? Just go to any search engine and type in “hanlan’s point nude beach” with the quotes, and you will find everything you need to know.

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