Meet Swingers On Toronto Nude Beach

Swingers on Nude Beach

Last Saturday Ted and I wanted to go to the nude beach on Toronto island, so we did. And are we really glad we did. We scanned the beach looking for somewhere good to sit, when we noticed this one couple. She was a hot red head, who we both liked right away, and he was very attractive as well.

So we put out our blanket close to theirs, but not so close we were intruding, just close enough to enjoy the eye candy all around the nude beach, but, especially right beside us. All of our fantasies came true when we over heard them talking about a club they had been to recently… we instantly recognized the name… it was a SWINGERS CLUB! We couldn’t believe it, they ARE swingers!

Swingers on the Nude Beach

We let them finish their conversation, then quietly asked them what they thought of the club they were talking about. First they were a little embarrassed that they were “caught” talking about a swing club, then they realized that we must be swingers or we would not have known what type of club they had been talking about.

We moved our blanket close to theirs and spent the rest of the afternoon talking. Had dinner with them and we were all sad when we had to say good night, but we do have plans to meet up again soon.

You just never know when you will meet some great swingers on Toronto’s Nude Beach.

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