How To Deal With Jealousy In The Swinging Lifestyle

Jealousy with Swingers

Dealing with jealousy within the swinging lifestyle is a very common concern and I am going to try to help you with that in this article, which is one in a series of articles dealing with Jealousy. This article will walk you through your feelings of the most common feeling of Jealousy among swingers, which is that your partner will run off with their swing partner.

Many people involved in the lifestyle, and even those who are not, have feelings of jealousy at some point or another. Usually it stems from some form of doubt in how strong your relationship may be. First off, you should not even consider becoming a swinger if your relationship is not strong. Swinging will not fix a bad relationship, but it can make a good one even stronger.

Dealing With Jealousy

What if he likes her more than me?

This situation can also come in the form of what if she likes him more than me, so consider this advice interchangeable. There is always a chance that your partner will meet someone they like more than you, even when there is no sex involved, but sex does add another dimension to things as being intimate with someone requires you to let your guard down. As I said before if your relationship is strong, you should not worry about that.

Jealousy Feelings Of Inadequacy

What If He/She Is Better At Sex Than I Am?

You need to face facts; no matter how good you are, you are probably not the best sexual being on the face of the earth. There are people out there who are amazing all the time! The thing is that you cannot be the best sexual partner to everyone, all the time. It takes two in order to have amazing sex! Remember this guy is a new experience for her, there is always going to be a little more excitement the first time you experience something new. If she is having a good time with that new guy, just be happy for her, relish her pleasure. Then later ask her what he did that made her feel so great so you can try to learn it. She will be so happy you are that concerned about her pleasure you won’t be able to do anything wrong for a least a week!

Any time you are uncomfortable about something, especially to do with swinging, you should talk it over with your partner. You should always feel free to discuss your feelings with your partner and work through them together. Remember there is nothing you cannot talk to your partner about once you have seen them intimate with someone else (in a swinging situation of course).

Next, what else may be causing the Jealousy monster to visit you, which may be getting in the way of you enjoying the swinging lifestyle to its full potential, keep watching for my next article in this series.

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