Rest Time

Well this update is not quite as exciting as the last few have been… We dropped our friend Bill at the airport Sunday morning and decided we needed a couple of days to rest up from all of the partying. Lots of shopping, got some new club clothes which I am planning to wear when we hit some more swingers clubs Wednesday (Hush Club) and Friday (The Green Door).

Ted wanted me to tell you about all of the cars I would not let him buy at Barrett Jackson… like the brand new dragon drag racer that sold for $7000 (now I have no idea what he would do with it), and the 1989 Porsche 911 Carrera that was stolen from Nicolas Cage and then completely restored, that sold for $52,000 (now that one I did have to touch just to say I did). Plus too many others to mention, a lot of which sold for less than $20,000, needless to say he wants to come back next year with a bidders pass this time…. Sandi

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