Swingers Party

Ted & I went to a Swingers House Party on Saturday, thank you guys so much for inviting us, we had a great time.

It is fun to see how much a Swingers Party starts out just like any party… in the kitchen, but the difference is that a regular House Party turns into a living room party and a Swinger’s Party turns into a spread out in all the play rooms/bedrooms party 😉

Then it turned back into a kitchen & dining room party (everyone needed replenishment – drinks and munchies), then it was off to the bedrooms again.

I love the energy you find when there are swingers around, especially when there are a bunch who have known each other for years.

Met some new friends, and got a chance to get caught up with some old friends, plus got some great sex… How can you go wrong with that?

Let me know what you did for fun this weekend (even if you did not go to a swingers party) by leaving me a comment in the box below… Sandi

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