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How To Get Invited To A House Sex Party?

I want to get invited to a house sex party, how do I do it? Sorry to have to give you the bad news, but Swinging is mainly a couples activity, especially when it comes to house parties. That being said there are still quite a few couples who are looking to have a threesome, […]

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What to Expect From Your First Swingers House Party

So you got yourself an invite to your first Swingers House Party. Well good for you, only thing is now you are a total wreak wondering what to expect. Well sit down, relax, grab yourself something to drink and I will fill you in. First off I would suggest if there is a theme to […]

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Swingers Party – Learn The Secrets On Getting Invited

It’s really easy and really hard simultaneously to receive your very first invitation to a Swingers Party also known as a House Party. I do know that seems confusing, but read this article to the end to find out what I mean. The easy part is that all you have to do is

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Swingers Party

Ted & I went to a Swingers House Party on Saturday, thank you guys so much for inviting us, we had a great time. It is fun to see how much a Swingers Party starts out just like any party… in the kitchen, but the difference is that a regular House Party turns into a […]

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