Condoms – All You Need to Know! Infographic

condoms sex tips

Contraception is a part of many people’s lives and in the modern world we live in, condoms are very much accepted as an important element in not only the prevention of unwanted pregnancy but also in the prevention of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

It might have been a stigma before for someone to carry a condom but it’s totally socially acceptable for men and women to carry a stock of condoms on their person; it’s actually seen as being responsible in fact.

With the rise of STDs in recent years and the proliferation of casual dating apps like Tinder, Grindr and the like, casual sex has never been more popular and so the issue of the prevention of the spread of nasty STDs has never been more relevant.

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys gives the background to the development of condoms as a reliable contraceptive and it goes back further in time that you might expect; it also gives some interesting condom statistics; it explains the different condoms available to buy; it details some of the reasons that a condom might “fail” and more. Check it out below!

Condoms Sex Tips

All You Need To Know About Condoms

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