Erection Problems While Swinging

Sandi, My husband seems to have a little problem with “Stage Fright” When we are with another couple and thing are starting to get serious, he, for no reason at all goes limp. I wonder if there are other couples that have the same problem. I have had this happen to me several times and I was wondering if I had something wrong with me. I was wondering if it is really is a deal-breaker for some couples and if so should we even bother to follow up with them after an unfortunate encounter?
Sue and Mike

No, it’s definitely should not a deal breaker, but it could cause problems if it is an ongoing issue. Every guy at one time or another gets “Stage Fright” to some extent or another. If you go over and help, do thing pop back up so to speak? If so, simple answer, when you see there is a problem, just join the other lady and I’m sure your guy will be thrilled. What guy does not enjoy two ladies at the same time. Just make sure you and the lady return the favour for her partner. Yes you should always follow up and at least discuss the problem. I have to admit that although Ted and I have not been with as many couples as you would imagine, there have been a few and at least 75% of the guys have had problems at one time or another. That is why Ted loves Stiff Nights so much. Generally he does not suffer from Stage Fright, but taking a Stiff Nights the morning of a planned Tryst, guarantees that everything will work just fine and I get the added benefit of the residual effects for the next two day so I’m VERY happy as well 😉  Sandi

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