Toronto Nude Beach

Ted and I went to the nude beach Saturday. It was packed…. 500 to 600 people. Lots of couples, lots of groups of young women (which means lots for both of us to look at). One of the highlights was the guy who sat right in front of us….. let’s just call him “show tunes guy“. We first saw him at the edge of the water and thought he was worshiping the sun, for a half hour he was there dancing with his arms in the air. Then he came and sat in his mini (what looked like a kid’s) chair. He had on these big head phones… no ear buds for this guy. He had his music up so loud that we could hear it from 10 feet behind him… it was show tunes… and he was dancing up a storm in his chair. I must say that he was quite good at keeping in beat with the music with his arms high in the air. The highlight of the show was when he poured a glass of beer on his head. We figured that he was recreating the famous scene from flash dance. Please don’t think I am making fun of him, I LOVED watching him and got completely caught up in his enthusiasm for his music.

All in all it was a really good afternoon… Ted did get a little red though so we had to sit out from beaching yesterday.

Hope you had a good weekend too… Sandi (from

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