Lube – What You Need to Know!

Sexy swinger couple kissing - All about Lube

Lubricant or lube as it’s more commonly referred to is a wonderful addition to your sexual adventures. Some people might assume that you only need to use lube when there is an issue with sex; for example when a lady might have a tighter vagina or the assumption might be that lube is only needed for anal play. Of course this is far from the truth and many people introduce lube and use it widely to enhance their sex play.

Lube comes in so many varieties and it has a number of purposes; you can get specific lube for example that will give extra peace of mind in terms of prevention of pregnancy or you can buy specific lube that is thicker in consistency for anal play; of course there are also plenty playful lubes to be bought… chocolate lube anyone?!

If you haven’t tried lube before as part of your bedroom activities, now is the time. Lube even has a place for solo play and can make the experience all the more enjoyable and surely everyone would be up for that!

This infographic from Carvaka Adult Toys explains what lube is; why you should use it in your sex life; it explains the different types of lube that are available and what they do; it indicates how much lube you should use and lots more. Check out our Lube graphic below!

Ultimate Guide on how to use Lube

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