Sex Positions For Smaller Penises

Dealing With Penis Jealousy

Do you, or your significant other, have a smaller penis?

If you are looking to have better sex in general, or if the sensations are not always as intense as you would like them to be, it may be the position you are using. Would you like some tips, and be able to suggest some new positions to try without saying they are for guys who are not overly well endowed? Honestly, size does not matter if (and that is IF) he knows how to use his penis to its full potential.

Since size is a touchy subject for most men, especially if they are not noticeably large, you need to be very sensitive to his feelings when suggesting new positions. If you show him this article then he may not want to try anything new because he will feel somewhat inadequate. I feel we are friends, so just say a friend told you about something new you want to try. It will be our secret. 😉

There are 6 main positions which work for “smaller” guys:

  • Butterfly
  • X Marks The Spot
  • Tighter Doggy Style
  • The Splitter
  • Legs Up
  • The Sofa Brace

For full details on each of these positions you can google them or they are also described in detail in one article about 6 Sex Positions For Smaller Penises. So now you have it, let’s get to some experimenting.


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