Shaving Your Pubic Area

Shaving Your Pubic Area

Getting The Good Parts Extra Smooth By Shaving Your Pubic Area

Many people who have shaved their pubic regions claim that it greatly increases the sensations they experience when touched, that it makes them feel more sexually exposed, and that their partner can have oral sex with them without getting a mouthful of curly hair. For others it just itches.

Shaving Your Pubic Area (female)

First off you need to decide on which hair style or design you want. It used to be a simple choice of landing strip or bald (I used to keep a heart shape). Now everyone wants to be different by shaving intricate patterns into their hair with some even coloring it.

Do you want a really smooth pussy? Here are some pointers and suggestions.

Trim excess hair, leaving maybe a quarter-inch length. If you don’t pre-trim, you will have an awful time constantly having to unclog your razor. If you have already shaved before, so that your pubic hair is no more than a quarter inch long, then you can skip this first step and get on with the main event.

Tub Method: Fill the tub partially, so that when you’re lying down, your pussy is just above water level. Use a temperature that you find relaxing. Now get in the water! Expand your pores and follicles by soaking a small towel in the water and draping it across your nether region. Give yourself about 5 minutes, much more than that and your skin will puff up from the absorbed water and you will find it much harder to get a close shave.

OR Shower Method: Get into a warm (not hot) shower, wet your entire body but don’t stay standing under the water. Let the steam soften up your hair, but just as with the tub method don’t wait too long before you start shaving.

Once you start shaving you will probably find it easier to put one foot up on the side of the tub.

Now for the fun! Lather yourself up with shaving creme (use one for sensitive skin or which has moisturizers in it to keep the skin soft), feel which direction your hair grows (the closer shave will be when you shave opposite to this direction, but that can also cause more ingrown hairs — your call). Usually, you’ll need to shave upwards, toward your torso. The labia is more complicated, and involves stretching the skin out flat and shaving towards your inner thigh. Stretching the skin is very important, you get a closer shave on a flat surface. You may want to have someone else take care of that part since you can get a nasty cut and that would defeat the whole purpose! Above all, TAKE YOUR TIME! You probably know that if you rush while shaving your legs you’ll most likely end up with a nasty scrape or gash, we don’t want that here.

A triple bladed razor will give you the closest shave (try the Mach III — I must say it works quite well). Above all do not use a cheapy disposable, they just do not give the closeness you are looking for.

Keep well lathered at all times! This avoids painful razor burn. Also, be sure to rinse your razor every couple of swipes – it tends to get extremely clogged, and won’t work as well.

Afterwords, rinse with cool water – hot will lead to greater irritation. Pat dry, and smooth some cream on it. Don’t rub too hard – you’ll irritate your newly exposed skin. There are also some after special shave gels (such as Bikini Zone) designed to use after shaving etc. to help relieve pain, itching and irritation.

Some people prefer to shave everyday, some every few days, some once a week. Find the frequency that works best for you causing the least amount of irritation.

Expect some redness and itchiness when your hair grows out. Keeping yourself well moisturized will minimize ingrown hairs. If you do get an ingrown hair, don’t shave it! You’ll bleed! Apply antiseptic. You may attempt to pluck it out, but it could just get nasty, it may work itself out, or you can try lightly scrubbing it with a bath poof to try to gently break the skin so the hair can get out — your choice.

Don’t have intercourse immediately shaving, let the skin calm down for a couple of hours. And you may want to rinse with cool water after intercourse as semen can sometimes have a tendency to irritate a freshly shaven pussy.

Otherwise, enjoy your new sensation! I am sure you will find it quite erotic, I know I do.

A note about underwear – if the elastic is too tight, you may find it irritating especially at the point the leg attaches to the pussy. Try wearing underwear with a soft or looser elastic… or none at all 😉

Shaving Your Pubic Area (male)

Generally the same goes for the male as it did above for the female, so you should read the above points first. The main differences being:

Shaving the bottom of the base of the penis is usually easier if you are at least semi-erect so that the skin is tight and the important part stays out of the way.

Shaving the balls is similar to shaving the labia for women. You should stretch the skin to give the razor a flat surface for a closer shave and remember to check the direction your hair grows and decide if you want the closer shave then shave in the opposite direction. You will probably find that you will have to gently shave in all directions.

Just like the ladies, you may also want to have someone else take care of that part so that you don’t risk getting a nasty cut!

Any of the after shave gels for sensitive skin are also recommended, you should even consider using one made specially for the ladies bikini area (as mentioned before). This will help stop inching and irritation.

Read some more Sex Tips articles on my site.

A special note about underwear for the men… There is nothing to stop you from going without any (that is not something reserved for the ladies). If you are going to wear some, you may wish to try wearing boxers, they have no elastics to irritate.

I hope you are now going to get extra smooth for him (or her) tonight by shaving your pubic area, it will be a great surprise.

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