9 Secrets To Getting Invited Back To A Swingers House Party

Swinging Lady Laying Naked At A Swingers House Party

So you got invited to a swingers house party. Now I am certain that you are feeling extremely lucky that someone invited you to their home for this intimate affair. If not, you ought to be. The most important things to remember when going to a swingers house party should be virtually common sense to you, however we will discuss them quickly just to be sure.

This first point is so important that I did not even give it a number. Never arrive late, but don’t show up too early either. If you are there early wait in the car for several minutes or take a drive around the block. You do not want to add additional stress to your hosts. They’ll probably give you a time range when they are open to welcome their guests.

1. Bring a Hostess Gift

This seems quite apparent to me, but you would be staggered as to how many people arrive at a get-together empty handed. Keep in mind, the hosts went through a lot of work (and possibly expense) to setup this party… cleaned up the house… prepared or purchased some food… have ice and probably mixes available. The least you can do is bring them a little something, even a bottle of wine will do.

2. Bring More Than You Will Drink Leaving The Rest For Your Hosts To Enjoy

Now you don’t want to run out, do you? So be sure to bring more than you plan to drink. And imagine how it looks to gather up your left over drinks to take home. I remember a time (and I say this hoping it does not make me sound too old) when you would have a party at your home to refill your bar.

3. Don’t Get Drunk And Make An Idiot Of Yourself

Now with number 2 above I did not want you to believe that it is okay to drink too much. Even though you are not driving never get drunk at a swingers house party. If you have to get drunk to have a good time at a swingers party there may be something wrong. Do you not care to remember the good time you had? I sure do.

4. Bring a food item, (even only just something small)

I realize the hostess said to not worry about bringing anything, but how about something modest. Just ensure you bring it on a plate or inside of a serving bowl so that the hostess doesn’t need to look for something to serve it in or on. Either show up with it on some sort of serving dish where you’ve planned to leave there, or be sure to bring it home with you when you leave. Never take anything which needs to be prepared during the party that can create undue stress for the hosts whom hopefully have everything already planned out.

5. Clothe yourselves in Theme, If there is One.

If there is a theme why not have some fun and make an attempt to dress appropriately. It helps you fit in and it makes a great conversation starter. If the swingers house party you are going to, does not have a theme, remember this is a sex party so dress up in something sexy.

6. Don’t Forget To bring Your Own Condoms, And Get Rid Of Any Used Ones Correctly.

You can assume that the hosts will have provided condoms, but some do forget and you do not want to be caught without them. Also essential, NEVER leave used condoms (or wrappers for that matter) sitting around for another individual to pick-up. Find a trash can and eliminate it.

7. Don’t Neglect To Tidy Up the Bed.

Now you should have just had an excellent time in one of the play bedrooms, take a few moments and clean-up after yourself. Subsequent people waiting to use the room as soon as you are done will appreciate the thought, and so will the hosts.

8. Stick to Any Swingers House Party Rules.

Most functions have a couple of “house rules” about things such as whether there are any rooms where the doors should stay open or if you possibly can close the door, etc. Always find out what the rules are early in the evening and you’ll want to follow them.

9. Don’t Gawk Or Open Closed Doors

Don’t gawk inside the doorway if ever the door is actually open, either proceed down the hall or ask if it was okay if you join in. Also it is essential to remember that when the door is open it does not really mean it’s an open invite to participate with them. A little bit of a look while slowly wandering by is okay though.

If the doorway is shut, move on. Never open it, or knock on it… just imagine what you could be interrupting.

That is a quick review of some of the things not to ever do to receive an invite to another Swingers House Party.

Everything is common sense for me, but not everyone has received the experiences I’ve had. That may be good, even though I had a truly good time learning the things I did for myself. Next, let us learn about the different aspects of swinging and going to a Swingers House Party.

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