Vibrators and Dildos – What’s the difference?

Vibrator is a great gift for Swinger friends

There are such varieties of both Vibrators and Dildos that is it so easy to get confused. To make things easy we have split this article into two sections; Similarities and Differences. So, here are the basics:

The similarities are:

  1. Both can look like penises, but not necessarily.
  2. Both come in a variety of colors, sizes and textures (materials).
  3. Both can be inserted, depending on the type of vibrator.

The differences are:

  1. The main purpose of a vibrator is to stimulate the genitals externally or internally through vibration, while the dildo is used to provide sexual stimulation through penetration.
  2. Vibrators vibrate, they provide stimulation through vibrations, while Dildos do not.
  3. Dildos, generally, are long, narrow and insert-able and are generally penis shaped. Vibrators can be much larger or smaller, can have handles on them and can even be used by remote control.
  4. Dildos are generally made of rubber, jelly, wood, acrylic, plastic, silicone and glass. Vibrators are generally made of jelly, plastic, metal and silicone.
  5. Vibrations are generally hand held, while Dildos can be hand held or used as a strap-on.

The important thing to know about both of these type of sex toys is that they can enhance the sex lives of men, women and couples alike. Always remember to clean your sex toys after every use. They can bring about great pleasure, and if the lady is so inclined multiple orgasms.

Now go and experiment with both a vibrator and dildo, maybe at the same time.

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