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Swinger friends give Sexual gift of a vibrator

Increasing Sexual Pleasure With A Dildo

A dildo is a sex aid that by design resembles the male sex organ in terms of shape, size and overall appearance. They can be inserted in the rectum as well as the vagina and in some cases they are used for oral sex, but we don’t totally understand that one. It is meant for […]

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Vibrators and Dildos – What’s the difference?

There are such varieties of both Vibrators and Dildos that is it so easy to get confused. To make things easy we have split this article into two sections; Similarities and Differences. So, here are the basics: The similarities are:

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Caring For Your Sex Toys

Vibrators You can easily wipe your Vibrators clean with a cloth moistened with warm water, alcohol, or even better is to use a cleaner especially formulated to clean your toys. Vinyl vibrator attachments can even be washed in the top rack of a dishwasher, attachments only not the whole vibrator. To prevent corrosion of motor […]

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Playing It Safe With Your Sex Toys

Sex toys offer a great opportunity for sexual pleasure with less risk of getting sexually transmitted infections. But there are still steps to take to avoid infection. Wash your toys with soap and warm water after use, or use a special cleaner made just for toys. Always use a condom over any toy that is […]

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