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The latest Swingers Newsletter is hot off the presses (so to speak). It is being sent out to all my members as I am writing this. There have been a ton of new articles going online, but then again I haven’t sent a newsletter out in quite a few weeks.

And, as I always do, just in case you have one of those Junk boxes that eat up these kind of newsletters (you know the fun sexual oriented ones), I have once again included a direct link to it below.

Please leave your comments below as they always make my day, or if you prefer send me an email any time.

Now for the direct link to the newest edition of my Swingers Newsletter.

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    • pete
    • April 5, 2020

    hi are there any more personals being done?

    1. Reply

      Hi, Currently we still only have the information part of our site running.
      I am in talks with a new programmer and hope to have a system setup soon, but soon in programmer time never seems to be fast enough.
      Sorry I wasn’t more help… Sandi

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