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In this ever changing market of women’s intimate apparel, the most overlooked subject seems to be plus size lingerie. For decades women and men have been buying intimate apparel for themselves or as gifts for their significant others nonetheless, it seems as though so many lingerie boutiques only carry certain sizes. Those generally are S,M, L, XL. Some lingerie boutiques say that they carry plus size lingerie, but they model it on women that weight 100 pounds. What is wrong with this? EVERYTHING! A plus size woman doesn’t want to see lingerie on a woman who is as thin as a rail. In my personal opinion, plus size lingerie sells much better when it is modeled on a plus size woman.

I believe in building confidence in women and there is no other way to do so than to allow plus size women show off their curves and full figures with lingerie and role play costumes that fit them right and hug their curves just so. Since the early 1990s plus size women have been asking for more curvy intimates that made them feel desirable. I shopped at plus size stores with my friends that are plus size and the intimate apparel was not sensual, or sexy and there was very little to choose from. By the early 2000’s the percentage of plus size women was rising. In 2008 when I formatted my businesses, the plus size percentage of women was around 57%. 6 years later the plus size percentile is 64% and with their every changing market, my ideal thoughts were to find distributors that would not only sell me plus size women’s lingerie but would model them on beautiful plus size women so that every plus size woman could get an accurate idea of what it might look like on her.

When selecting plus size lingerie be sure that you have your correct measurements. If you don’t know them, grab a tape measure and use it. Nothing is worse than buying something and then slipping into it only to discover that it is not going to fit properly. Choosing the wrong size causes discomfort and can be painful especially if worn for too long of a time. I want your underthings to fit just right, and you will be happy they do. You want them to hug your curves, not cut off your circulation! Also, choose the colors that bring out your positive attributes. Wear the colors that go well with your skin tone. Choose the fabrics that feel good against your skin. Not everyone likes how a corset feels because they are quite snug and tight to your breasts, so if you are one who doesn’t like to be constricted, I would not suggest you buy a corset.

If you have bigger hips or wish to hide your tummy, I find that the babydoll lingerie is a great route to take as it has a beautiful flow that will hide what you wish not to be seen all while looking stylish. If your hourglass figure is a tone, a teddy or chemise is the lingerie piece you may choose. Remember that whatever you decide to purchase, lingerie never looked better than worn with stockings, garters and high heels. This is the finishing touch just as is icing is on a cake, these accessories will complete the ensemble.

There are a variety of reasons to shop for lingerie; bridal, honeymoon, and wedding have been the top 3, nevertheless, women also buy these underthings to take on adult vacations, or to wear at a swing club. On premise swingers clubs usually have areas where “street clothes” are not allowed, well if you do not want to walk around these areas naked then taking lingerie with you is your best bet (plus you will look fabulous!).

We sell plus size adult travel lingerie and swing club lingerie in sizes 1X, 2X, 3X, 4X and occasionally a 5/6X. On an adult vacation or cruise there are also often clothing optional or strictly nude vacations, however, when you get into your comfort zone and the privacy of your own room, you may want to turn up the heat and sex appeal. Everyone loves to see a nude woman, but most people prefer undressing her slowly as this is the best form of foreplay that leads to sex. It’s kind of like wrapping up a present. If you want to kick it up a notch and are looking for something different than the regular ‘every day lingerie’ buy a role play costume for the bedroom. Most adult erotic travel includes ‘adult theme party’ on their itinerary so make sure that you have sex lingerie or sexy costume to wear for the bash.

Visit us anytime at Simply Luscious Lingerie where you will find women’s plus size intimate apparel marked down 40-90% off retail prices. In order to receive these low discount prices we require you to be a member, but there are many member benefits link receiving free stockings with every order, $1.99 lingerie and so much more. Our selection can accommodate your every day intimate apparel needs.

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