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Being November 1st means that TrystMas has officially started in our house (Ted lets me get started early since I have so much decorating to do). And this year I wanted to celebrate with you by giving you an early TrystMas present (this present is good even if you don’t celebrate TrystMas). What is this wonderful mystery present, you ask…. well I am glad you did. Ted and I have discounted our membership prices. Now you can get a full year as a Gold member for only $99 (that’s just 27 cents per day), or a full year as a Platinum member for only $198 (or 54 cents per day).

That is such an amazing deal, and we are very excited about it. Make sure you grab your membership today, you do want to take advantage of me now don’t you… I mean advantage of my great offer ;-).

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