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As you probably already know my site restricts the number of replies that each non paying member had to a total of 10. Once you use up your 10 replies you were then out of luck, your only choice was to become a paid member to reply to your mail! Now for the Huge News….

Well, it only took about 30 hours of programming, but as of today non-paying members can now send or reply to up to 10 ads each and every week. To reset your message count all you need to do is login, and update your online profile once a week and POOF! Just like that you can start replying again.

Of course, you can avoid all this hassle of updating your ad weekly and having to count your replies just by becoming a paid member, my most expensive Gold Membership is just $15.00 a month (50 cents a day) and a whole years Gold membership now costs you just $99.00 (27 cents a day). How much did you spend the last time you went to a Swing Club and struck out?… I rest my case! Why not join my site; the odds of meeting someone are WAY better!

Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about this… Sandi

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