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After numerous requests from people wondering why they can’t reply to the ads in the Magazines through the website, we decided to work on an option just for that. I won’t bore you with all the technical mumbo jumbo as to why it would not work before, I’ll just tell you that every paid member can now reply to most of the ads in the current and past issues of both Tryst (Swingers) and Tab (Fetish, Gay/Bi) Magazine through this site (and no there is no additional charge for paid members to reply to any ads, and yes they can reply to as many as they like). In a perfect world (assuming the person you are replying to is on my site when you send your reply) you can reply to a Magazine Ad and get a reply back within minutes. No more waiting up to 6 weeks for a snail mail reply! The only ads which you can’t reply to are ads where that member has deleted their account since the magazine was printed or ads from members that don’t have access to the internet and placed their ad via the paper ad form.

PLUS, along with the new Magazine Ad reply option, I have also added a new search that shows only the ads that have been updated in the last 7, 30 and 60 days. No more searching through old ads! You can even narrow down that search by using the regular options on the Advance Search form. AND you can even save it as a favourite search.

You can find both of these new search options in the member’s area under the My Searches tab -> Advance search.

Now how cool is all of this?… Pretty cool I think…. Sandi

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