Couples Cruise Review

Couples Cruise (November 13-18, 2010) Review

All I can say is WOW! okay, that wouldn’t make much of a review so I will elaborate a bit for you, but WOW.

We just got back from the first full ship Couples Cruise charter and boy did we have a great time. I do need to warn you though, if you are thinking of joining us on what will then be the 3rd most AMAZING cruise ship takeover in November 2012 then you really need to book today. Ted and I put deposits down on 26 balcony cabins before we left and once all the bookings come through that we made on this cruise we will have about 11 left. There still are some window and inside cabins, but trust me you really want a balcony, you will find out why I say that later on.

Let’s start with the costumes; to say they were INCREDIBLE would be an understatement. I don’t remember ever being at any other party with such a high costume participation rate. Some were pretty basic (I hate to admit it but that would include Ted and myself), then there were the ones who must have had an entire suitcase for each costume. No wonder there was so much luggage being brought on board for a clothing optional cruise. Just the costumes for Mardi Gras and Fetish night probably count for 1/3 of the luggage. So much feathers, leather & boots! We were in heaven. Not to mention all of the lovely ladies in their high heels. not only at night but also all day around the pool.

Speaking of the pool, during the day the pool deck was full of sexy, naked (or at least scantily clad) people enjoying the pool parties, listening to the great music with some working on their all over tans. The comment we heard most often was what a great group of people there was on this cruise. Everyone was so friendly and you would not believe the energy level, especially around the pool area. There was either a live band or a DJ playing great up-beat music all day, every day. My only complaint would be was that it was very loud, especially in the afternoon. guess I am just getting old :-(. Speaking of ages (nice segue way Sandi), there were people there in their 20’s through to their 70’s, I would say the majority were 30ish to 50ish.

One very noticeable thing about this cruise was that the party seemed to go on all night. Dance music played until the wee hours of the morning in the Disco on the top deck and in the outdoor Disco (which in the day time was also known as the pool deck). Two great places to dance, get sexy, have fun, and most important make new friends. Sexier/Sultry music could be found in the Atrium pool area as well as the Schooner Bar (just outside the play area). Then, of course, you could also party in the hmmmmm party room.

Sandi, I read enough… book me on the
Next Swingers Cruise Takeover

Believe it or not Ted and I got caught on the second last day by the “Sex Police“. The rules of the ship was that there could not be sex in any of the open areas (basically where there was crew present), which includes the main pool area. What do you know, when our good friend Carol was on duty and just about to walk by us I started to give Ted a mock hand-job, and she caught us and said we needed to be punished. Okay, we are ready… don’t make us wait too long!

You have probably heard it said before that when you meet someone in the lifestyle you say to yourself yes/no/maybe. Last year Ted and I went on a Nudist cruise and 80% of the people were Nos and the rest were maybes with a few yeses thrown in. This cruise 5% were nos and the rest were a tossup of maybes and definitely yes! Goes to show the quality of people that book a Couples Cruise.

What can I say about the Party Room! It was HUGE! no Ted, I was not talking about you, the room was huge. We spent some time inside when there was about 150/200 people and you could hear the orgasms happening all around. That was early in the evening and the 1st night of the cruise. Then it got even better and busier. At one point I was told there were 800 people in there. It was overwhelming to say the least; orgasmic actually describes it quite well. It was like you were a part of each orgasm. The last night of the cruise they had to close it down at 1am because the room had to be put back to normal for the next cruise regular cruise. At least they tried to close it at 1am. I heard it took until 2am for everyone to “finish” what they were doing.

Complaint time, not that there were many. My personal complaint (and I am sure I am not the only one who thought this) which is about the ship and not the cruise, was that the shower in the cabins were too small, if you dropped the soap your butt would push out the shower curtain. The worst thing we can say about this cruise is that the one couple we were trying to connect with all week we never did (too many good looking distractions). But that is okay because they are going to be on the 2012 cruise, and we will just make a date early. Guess we can’t really fault the cruise just because our schedules got messed up. (Note to self: Plan play time better next cruise!)

One hypothetical scenario you need to picture… we had a really big balcony which stuck out from the side of the ship so you can see the pilot house (where the captain is). We just got back to our cabin from a suite party. There I am, leaning back on the railing, warm breeze blowing through my hair, moon lighting up the ocean, one leg up on a small table. Next thing I know Ted is standing naked right in front of me, did I mention I was in a lace teddy? He kisses me very passionately, and then slowly pulls my teddy up until it is around my waist. He enters me slowly at first and then starts going faster with each stroke, until we are both exhausted and completely done. I put my leg back down onto the floor and we both just stood there for a few moments holding onto the railing until we were able to stand on our own. Then we made our way back into our cabin to crash on the bed. We were done for the night. Boy, it was HOT!!! Hypothetically speaking of course… because I do try not to kiss and tell 😉 See why you need to have a balcony cabin?

Over all an amazing time was had by everyone. The only complaints we heard (and there wasn’t many) was very minor ones. Everyone we talked to was booked or is booking 2012. That is the best recommendation I can think of). Think about it, you don’t want to read my review of the 2012 cruise… you want to be part of it now don’t you?

This truly was the Lifestyle Event of the Year! Until the April 2011 cruise anyway.

I already see one complaint forming about the November 2012 cruise… even with 1800 cabins on the ship there just won’t be enough for everyone to go. WARNING: Book Now by going to

Sandi & Ted

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