swingers cruise takeover

Couples Cruise Review

Couples Cruise (November 13-18, 2010) Review All I can say is WOW! okay, that wouldn’t make much of a review so I will elaborate a bit for you, but WOW. We just got back from the first full ship Couples Cruise charter and boy did we have a great time. I do need to warn […]

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Swingers Cruise Ship Takeover

Hi there, Just wanted to fill you in on some exciting news… Announcing Nov. 2012 Cruise Ship Takeover Ted and I went on a tour of the Freedom of the Seas, which was the largest passenger ship (based on gross tonnage) until the recently built Oasis of the Seas. The reason for the tour is […]

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Swinging and Sex

See I just knew that would get your attention. Just wanted to let you know that If you are planning on joining over 1000 other couples on the April 2011 Full Ship Takeover, that the top deck is already sold out and deck 9 is about half sold out. For all the details on the […]

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