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So you are thinking of a sexy erotic getaway with your significant other, or maybe a group of swinger friends are wanting to hang out together and “play”. Well let me give you a quickie overview of some of your options.

Hotel: Grab a room (or five or a whole floor) in a local hotel. If there are a few of you they may give you a better than normal rate. Bring some candles (tea lights travel well), lighter, some wine, music, and sexy clothes or lingerie to wear. If possible get two of the rooms to be adjoining ones, that way you can have everyone together in those rooms to make it the “party suite”.

Regular Resort: On your own this can be a hit and miss option. My suggestion would be to at least pick an adults only resort. That way you do not have a bunch of screaming kids running all over, this is supposed to be a getaway for the two of you isn’t it? If you have a group of friends joining you, I would still suggest an adults only resort at the minimum. Make sure when booking that you get a block of rooms together. That way you spend less time running from room to room.

Lifestyle Resort or Cruise Ship Takeover: There are more of these to choose from than ever before. It used to be that you had to go to Hedonism II in Jamaica to be able to hang out on the beach with like minded people. Now you can also go to Mexico, Dominican, along with other various resort takeovers and also cruise ship traveling to multiple locations. Resorts which cater to swingers have the advantage that you can just kick back and watch others partake in the sexual fun (bringing out the voyeur in you), jump into the action yourself in a group area (let go the exhibitionist), or meet up with another couple and head to the privacy of your own room. The choice is yours.

Lifestyle Convention: These conventions take place all around the world, but mainly in the US. At a “Swingers” convention there will be activities designed for you to be able to meet others, hopefully with similar interests. There are designated “play rooms” where all the “action” takes place. There are also regular social activities available, so if you are not sure that you want to take things to the next level you don’t have to worry about being pressured into doing something you are not comfortable doing.

Obviously, there this just touches the surface of the different options available to you. If you want more information read about the different resorts and group trips at our Swingers Travel Site , where we specialize in Erotic vacations for Adults.

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