A Man’s Guide To Buying Ladies Lingerie

Buying ladies lingerie and swing club clothes

Shopping for women’s intimate apparel is not easy, especially if you are a man looking into buying ladies lingerie. Nevertheless, fear not. We have a few tips and tricks for you to use that will (hopefully) help you out and give you a much better piece of mind. As women, we generally know exactly what it is that we want and need. When we go shopping whether it be out and about in the city at a local department store or a mall, or in the privacy of our own home, like I do shopping Simply Delicious Lingerie.com, we (as women) know pretty much what style we desire. We have favorite colors. We know what hugs our curves best and what pieces of women’s intimate apparel to stay clear of. I don’t want to say that this is an easy task for us but in comparison to what men deal with while trying to select the right piece of intimate apparel for his lady, it just could turn out to give him nothing more than a giant headache!

Lets face it, not too many men know the difference in women’s lingerie. If you were to ask a man if you should buy a babydoll or a bustier he probably wouldn’t know what to say. So let’s take it back one step and make it even more understanding. Men wear 4 primary sizes; S, M, L, or XL. Their underwear comes in these sizes but they are so much easier to figure out. They don’t have to worry about waistlines, cup sizes or the booty. Have you ever stood at a distance and watched a man trying to select the right piece of lingerie for someone? If you are like me, you couldn’t stand the torture he was going through so you walk up to him and help him out. Some times he is mortified and sometimes he is more than willing to give thanks to someone for her assistance.

Men shop online for that reason alone; not to be overwhelmed or embarrassed in public, out and about in a women’s intimate apparel boutique. This is great for me being an online intimate apparel owner. Men shop online at my stores because they can do research about what each type of intimate apparel it is, why it’s worn, when it’s worn, etc. I even have a section called “Lingerie Lingo” which describes to a man what the item is and why type of body shape the specific undergarment looks best on. Thus making intimates a great fit and wonderful piece to choose for her. Every man wants to be a superhero and save the day with the perfect lingerie.

First, a man needs to know which is going to look the sexiest on his lady. He has an image in his mind and all sort of seducing thoughts which is fine if he select the ‘right’ attire, but Holy Shit-balls Batman, hold on to your hat if it turns out to be the wrong size especially if it is way too small. This is not all about the man. As a gentleman, you’ll also needs to know that just because you might think that something is appealing and sensual does not at all mean that your lady is going to feel comfy in it.

No woman wants to get a teddy that is 2 sizes too small. No woman that I know of wants any lingerie that is going to make her feel uncomfortable in any way. Maybe we don’t want our asses hanging out of something racy and risqué. When selecting lingerie for a woman fellas you have to be right on target or it may backfire right in your face, and your romantic suggestion could turn disastrous quickly.

My advice; don’t be in a hurry when shopping. Take a look at all your selections. Always ask your lady for her size. If it is a surprise, try to take a peek in her lingerie drawer to see what size she wears so that you can find the same. Do remember that not all lingerie fits the same. Do remember that sizes vary. The best rule of thumb is this; if you aren’t certain of the size, go one size larger. Personally I would much rather my intimates be a tad bit larger rather than tighter. No one wants the discomfort of lingerie that makes us sore.

Try to stick with the sizes like you do for underwear. S, M, L, XL. It will get way too exhausting if you get into the 32,34,36,38, 40 and up sizes. My only advise on what to stay clear from. Items marked “OS.” OS stands for one size. My friend one size does not fit any woman. It ranges from women who are 98 pounds to 165. On average these types of intimates fit best on the average woman who falls right in the middle of this weight category. Still, it is a risk buying your lady something that may look great on her especially if she bend the truth a tad bit and tells you she weighs 110 pounds but if she is 135, perhaps not so much. I sell a lot of one size items especially when it comes to sexy matching sets. This works if you fall in the middle of the weight group and know that you can pull this off. Our sexy matching sets are some of our best sellers. However, the size definitely doesn’t work for all women.

Shopping for women is stressful especially if you are a man doing it. If you still are not at all certain that you can do this, shop with her! That way you can learn what she likes and she can share with you what pieces of intimates she feels sexy in and why, making next time more fun and pleasurable to shop for her! If you find buying ladies lingerie is sexy fun and you are also looking for a little adventure, do stop by our adult fun stuff area at… Simply Delicious Lingerie.

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