How To Talk Your Wife Into Having A Bi Lady Experience

Bi Lady Experience

In honor of National Coming Out Day October 11th I thought it would be fitting to write an article on becoming a bi lady. The short answer to how to talk your wife into having a bi experience is, you can’t. She is either interested or she isn’t.

She may do it “just for you” but there still has to be some interest on her part or it will be a disaster. She may have never even thought about it. Does she even know that it is something that interests you?

I would start out by casually bringing it up and see what she might say. If her answer is “EHHHHH GROSS”, then drop it. If she shows some interest, then start slowly and whatever you do don’t push too hard. Nothing will scare her off faster than you doing the average guy thing and starting to drool and push her into something that she may have never even considered.

Start out light, introduce the thought of girl – girl play slowly into your lovemaking. Ask her to imagine that it might be a woman licking her pussy instead of you. See how she reacts. If she gets wetter, you might be headed in the right direction. Ask her to tell you what she might like another lady to do to her and then you do it.

If things are starting to work and she seems to becoming more comfortable with the idea try introducing her to adult movies with at least one bi lady scene (not very hard to find them). Don’t go out and buy “Diesel Dykes with Dildos” just because it turns you on, the whole point of this is to turn HER on.

Head over to your local adult store and ask the manager to pick you out a few “Couple Friendly” titles. There are tons of movies these days that are directed straight at the couples market and most of them are VERY artistic. Ted and my personal favorite is The Romance Series by New Sensations Films. Incredibly beautiful actors and actresses, professionally done and above all, a real story. I’ve even been known to fast forward through some of the adult scenes just to get back to the story LOL.

Above all take things slowly. Remember this is your fantasy and may not be hers, but that does not mean that it can’t turn into something you both can share. A bi lady experience can be very erotic, to say the least.

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