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An Unforgettable Vacation

We were all very excited about our first family vacation in almost five years. I did quite a bit of research to pick a beautiful seaside resort in Punta Cana in Dominican that finally met the approval of Timmy & the girls. As usual, they left all the heavy lifting to me – picking dates […]

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The Fine Art of the Threesome

Some people like to take their time and test the waters before plunging in. Not me. I like to dive right in. Head first. That was how I got my first “taste” of the lifestyle and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s been 10 years since my first threesome, but I can remember it like […]

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Threesome Issues

Their Threesome is turning into More of a Triad relationship Dear Frank, I gave my boyfriend a threesome with my best friend on three occasions. On all three occasions, my boyfriend paid more attention to her than to me. He touched her first, and did more things with her than with me. Now whenever when […]

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How To Talk Your Wife Into Having A Bi Lady Experience

In honor of National Coming Out Day October 11th I thought it would be fitting to write an article on becoming a bi lady. The short answer to how to talk your wife into having a bi experience is, you can’t. She is either interested or she isn’t.

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