Introduction to Swinging – Part 2

Swingers laying naked in a bedThis is the continuation of my Introduction Into Swinging. Don’t forget to check out part 1 if you missed it.

What About Jealousy?

Now think about it, what is the single thing many couples fear? Will he/she run off with someone else? Generally affairs occur when one partner is wanting something that is missing from their relationship. A lot of times this is merely some sexual exhilaration. You need to realize, if we won’t learn some new tricks this dog is going to get old. When you have sex with someone else you virtually have no choice but to spark things up. They may have their own sexual “tricks” to demonstrate which will trigger some ideas of your very own.

What Swinging Is Not

Wife-swapping, which is such a sexist term which implies both inequality and control over the lady partner. You absolutely need to recognize that in spite of what you may have heard, women and men are equally as sexual. This is incredibly noticeable with swingers. So it is a mutual understanding amid swinging couples to shed their inhibitions and really take pleasure in their sexuality with someone else.

Swinging is also not “cheating“. How can you be cheating or unfaithful if your spouse is right there with you? Swingers don’t venture out behind each others’ back looking for sexual trysts. They would rather experience things as one with complete trust that they are a couple and their bond is stronger as they are able to share everything with each other.

Why Should We Swing?

Besides the obvious motive of better sexual satisfaction, and it goes without saying the fun, swinging is very energizing, many people find the ordinary world so woefully sad and monotonous after getting started. I have even heard swinging referred to as RECESS for adults. In school, recess for youngsters is a lot more important than people appreciate–not for all the old reasons: fresh air, relaxation, exercise–but for an even vital reason: it gives children an opportunity to bond in a real way with their friends and other children by playing. As children grow up, they take recesses away a little at a time until by high school they have no time to play and hence no time to connect with other people in a meaningful way. By the time we’re an adult, we are totally disconnected from our fellow human beings, leaving us anxious, lethargic, and dreadfully lonely (and willing to settle for just about anybody since we are so anxious to feel reconnected). The lifestyle is the antidote to so much of that! It’s recess for grown-ups. Then after recess we can return to reality and not complain too much about it.

Now this gives you a quick understanding of some of the various aspects of swinging. I hope this helps answer some of the questions you may have. Keep watching for more on this very complex subject as I will continue to write as much as I can on it.
This is the second part of my Intro to Swinging, so be sure you remember to read part one, if you have not done so already.

~ Play Safe, Ted & I always do… Sandi (from

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