Swingfest Cancelled

We just heard that the Swingfest convention has been canceled and that is very disappointing. Their site states “Due to the nature of unsettled disputes between SwingFest Events Inc. and the Ramada Celebration Resort, the SwingFest 2010 event is being postponed”, but for all who have made reservations to travel to Orlando this weekend it is really canceled.

Well if you are one of the ones who are in that situation, you need to thank our good friends Bob & Tess (from Naughty in N’awlins fame) because they have arranged for the Caliente to make some room for as many as they can. If you were registered for the SwingFest event and looking for an alternative, you can contact JC directly at (352) 636-4435 and he just might be able to give you a special “SwingFest Package“.

If they sell out before you make your arrangements then you can still get a day pass and stay in a nearby hotel in the Land O Lakes, Florida area.

If you are looking for a getaway trip with some fellow swingers (or just some open minded people), there are many other Swinger’s Conventions available, plus you should consider joining in on the Swinger’s Cruise Takeover.

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    • pissed off
    • August 21, 2011

    The promoters of swingfest 2010 should be shot. They better spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulder so they can see it comming when I beat them to death. STILL WAITING FOR A REFUND. WILL NEVER RECOUP AIRFAIR, HOTEL, TIME OFF WORK. SWINGFEST PROMOTERS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Reply

      I can’t believe that you have not received your refund yet, there is no excuse for that! I thought that they had closed up shop, but I just looked at their site and they are still promoting conventions. I am surprised anyone would go to anything they do if they ripped off their customers, and I am sure that you are not the only ones. Wish I could help…. Sandi

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