Reasons Why You Should Not Consider Swinging

Swinging Lady

Should you try Swinging?

There is certainly as many wrong reasons to decide to start swinging as there are correct reasons. Here are a few of the wrongs ones that come to mind.

Swinging going to fix a bad marriage

WRONG! Nothing will tear apart a bad marriage quicker than getting into the swinging lifestyle. Swinging is like a magnifying glass… if your marriage is strong, it’s going to make it stronger…. If your marriage is weak, it’s going to tear it apart. I am sure you have heard the old saying that having a child is not going to save your marriage, well trying out the swinging lifestyle is even better at it. You’re both about to watch one another fool around with other people. If the two of you cannot openly discuss about what concerns you may have well then I only predict a mess on your horizon.

My wife will not give me sex that is why I would like to try swinging without her

WRONG! You do not want to become a swinger you’re trying to be a cheater. Swinging is in general a couples “sport” for lack of a better term. Now that is not to say that single people are not welcome to join some of the couples, but if you are swinging behind your wife’s back then you will be a cheater. There are no two ways about it; sex with other people without your wife knowing is cheating! Not a good reason to become a swinger.

So I can observe my partner have sex with another woman

WRONGish! I understand that is not even a word but does work in this case. What I mean by it is this could be a wrong reason depending. Depending on whether or not your wife wants to have sex with other women. If she does, that is great… go for it. You’ll have a very good time. If she doesn’t or is not sure and this is your strategy to trick her, then it is WRONG! If this is something you really want to see, talk it over with her first. Check if there is any interest there, and if she is totally against it, DON’T PUSH HER! It will blow up on you.

I am a single man and want to have sex with a bunch of sexual women

WRONG, Yet again! Simply because a female is a swinger that doesn’t mean that she is going to get down and dirty with anyone and everyone. Swinging is just like dating, as a result you will have to make yourself presentable, and behave like a grownup. Now, saying that, swinging is a great way for you to have some no commitment sex, that is, should you hit upon the perfect couple.

Now you have discovered my top 4 reasons Not to become a Swinger. I hope you don’t see yourself in any of these situations; therefore it just may be a good idea for you to get into the swinging lifestyle. Only you can make that choice. Talk it over with your partner (if you have one), here are some things the two of you should discuss before becoming a swinger, and go from there, just take things slow and you will have a very good time swinging together.

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