Swingers laying naked in a bed

Swinging vs Cheating

Dear Sandi, How do you justify swinging? Isn’t it more like you are cheating? Just Curious. Great question, but it’s a hard one for most people to comprehend. Ted and I (and many other swingers) believe that sex can be divided into 3 basic categories: fucking, having sex, and making love. Granted most swingers enjoy […]

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Happy Family Day

Hope your Valentines was good… now today (in Ontario anyway) is Family Day. We came up with an even better concept for it…. Make a Family Day… so the “Swingers” version is we all have to have sex!!! Hmmm, Don’t worry if your man is fixed, Don’t remind him, that way he will still try to “Make […]

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How to figure out if your partner is faking her orgasms!

And what to do if she fakes her Orgasm It’s every sexually active man’s fear, wondering if his partner or partners have or are faking their orgasms. The female orgasm has actually constantly been shrouded in secret for men (and many females!). Things like the male’s sexual method, the female’s knowledge of exactly how her […]

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New Swingers Get Outed

Dear Frank, My husband and I are devastated. We are in our thirties with two children and we would be considered new swingers because we have been experimenting in the swinger lifestyle for about a year. We haven’t even yet had a full couple swap with anyone. We are very new and very beginner and […]

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