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Hi Sandi and Ted,
We’ve been enjoying the lifestyle for about 8 months now and have made a number of new friends. After having used your magazine and on-line service to good effect, we started checking out the swing clubs. We’ve been, however, a bit disappointed. Despite the thousands of ads found at Tryst and elsewhere, which would seem to indicate that there are a lot of swingers out there, the turnouts at the events we have attended has been pretty small. Perhaps there are too many clubs competing for Saturday night business. At any rate, we are aware that Lifestyle Conventions do occur in other cities, but how about holding one in Toronto? We thought it would be great to get everyone from the local scene together. We’d love to get into a hall with the thousands of swingers that are out there and really get things cooking! Have you and Ted ever given any thought to hosting such a large scale event?
Lisa and Simon

Lots of thoughts, but an undertaking of that scale would take a HUGE commitment of not only time, but money. Security deposits, hotel deposits, catering deposits. Not to mention advertising, security, registrations and transportation coordination. But all that pales in comparison to what you would think would be the easiest task. Getting all the Swingers Clubs on board! In the US, Clubs (at least the majority of them) seem to all work together towards a common goal, promoting the lifestyle and themselves, in that order. In the Toronto market (in my opinion) it seems to be every club for themselves, back stabbing, raiding club parking lots and putting flyers on cars promoting the competition, hostile takeovers, location poaching, and generally just not playing nice together. Ted and I have tried for years to remain neutral and promote all of the Clubs equally, but not one of them (aside from Bashful and Bold in Ottawa and Club 2250 in Burlington) supports us by buying advertising (which we offer them @ 50% off the regular rate). So in short, will we EVER attempt a Lifestyle Convention in Toronto? NO! Sandi

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