Swinging Hints For Couples And Singles

Swinging Threesome waiting to happen

Meeting people online is very similar to meeting people through a magazine ad designed for Swinging and any and all of these tips can be adjusted for to each person’s individual need.

Meeting Couples Or Singles Online

Meeting swingers online can be an exciting experience, as well as horrifying in more ways than one. Like many other couples, we don’t respond to a couple’s request to meet us, unless we see current pictures FIRST, no exceptions, and no surprises. Or if they don’t have one online, make sure they email you one before you waste any time.

Personal Swinger Ads

Now as to your personal ad, pictures are probably the most important thing to add in order for you to getting replies, think of your ad as a webpage, more importantly a webpage that represents you and your spouse’s personality to the other members on this site. We’ve noticed that ads with lots of photos in their album usually receive the most responses, especially after updating the ad photos, so the more pictures you provide, or update, the more likely you will get replies of some sort.

If your ad is boring or incomplete, people whom have never met you will assume you are the same and will not consider swinging with you. Remember, your ad is your first impression of who you are to the total strangers who you hope to meet. Be upfront, and straight to the point as to what type of couple or single, and sexual experience, you are looking for, and include it in your ad. One way to “turn off” other members is withholding important information, such as your desire for them to participate in: a bisexual experience (male or female), soft swinging only, and if you’ve changed significantly since the taking of your pictures.

Try not to use pictures from 20 years ago. Try to take some current shots, remember the goal is to eventually meet the other members for a swinging encounter, so when you meet they will know if you lied to them.

Next, don’t just sit back and wait for people to contact you, do some searching of your own, initiate contacts with other couples, and stay active. Remember there are new members every day, and that “right” couple or single could sign up at any time. Even if you are just new and experimenting, this is a great way to also meet friends who may have similar interests as you and are willing to learn new things and grow into the lifestyle with you.

Lastly, have fun with online swinging. We find that you get out exactly what you put into it. We’ve met some really great couples, and established friendships with couples and singles that come out to play with us. Always remember to play it safe by getting to know the other member through our Internal email system or visit in the Chat room first, then exchange cellular numbers (not your home number if you can help it), and having a conversation with both members before arranging an in person meeting (which should be in a public place).

Swinger Ad Photos

As already mentioned do not use photos from 20 years ago. And just as important, LOOK AT THE PHOTOS YOU ARE USING. What do you see. Make sure your photos show you off in the best possible light. Think about how you would feel if someone sent you the same photos, or if you were looking at some one’s ad and they were using photos like you want to use. Also use the best quality reproduction of your photo. A scan of a very low resolution photo will only look bad on you. If you want your photos to look good there is one rule of thumb… Crap In — Crap Out!

Do What Is Fun For You!

It is not suggested that you engage in sexual conduct with persons that you are not interested in. There is no reason for you to put yourself in such a situation, you are in this swinging lifestyle to ENJOY yourself. SO do what you want, with whom you want and when you want to. You are likely to get the most enjoyment if you follow this one rule.

Drugs And Drinking

Usually drugs are frowned upon in this lifestyle, but an occasional drink socially is fine. Most like to have a drink or two to loosen up and relax when meeting new people, but try not to over indulge. This may impair your ability to “preform” later if your meeting gets to that point. Being “wasted” is also a turn off for most people, besides you want to remember your experience, don’t you?

Follow Up On ALL Your Replies

It is only polite to reply to every response you get, even if it is a quick “Thanks, but no thanks”.

Also after meeting someone it is always appreciated when you call/email and thank them the next day. If you had a good time, this will let the other party know that. Even if maybe you don’t plan another meeting, it is the polite thing to do and most people seem to forget that. After all, wouldn’t you like to be thanked?

At Home Swinging Fun

Hot tubs are typically a wonderful ice-breaker and an excellent reason to invite the couple over to your place for a fun, yet cheap evening of swinging fun.

Sexy adult movies are great way to ease some tension and get in “the mood”.

Put on some music, and maybe play some sexual games (this works well if everyone is new to the lifestyle and nervous. An easy game to try is the dice game. You can use either regular dice, or dirty dice that you can pick up in your local novelty store. The dirty dice are easy to play with, just roll and do what the dice say, Presto, FUN… If you are using regular dice you will have to use your imagination. Everyone rolls and who ever is the highest roller gets to choose what happens next or pass their turn if they are a little shy. One example if a woman wins, she could ask to see her man kiss the other woman. Or if the man wins, he could ask to see his woman take off the other woman’s pants, slowly and sexy… The possibilities are endless. This is a good game because it doesn’t take that long to play before you just forget about the dice and just jump right in!

If you have a pool, that could also be a great way to get wet and dirty.

Fun with food is sexy too. Invite a couple over for dessert. Strawberries, whip cream, foods with honey and a little champagne can often give the ladies sexual ideas… You can start by feeding each other, and licking off whatever spills on body parts.

Most important, enjoy yourself. Swinging is supposed to be Fun!

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