What to Expect From Your First Swingers House Party

Swingers House Party

So you got yourself an invite to your first Swingers House Party. Well good for you, only thing is now you are a total wreak wondering what to expect. Well sit down, relax, grab yourself something to drink and I will fill you in.

First off I would suggest if there is a theme to the party to try to dress in theme. You will fit in better that way, it also gives you something to talk about with the other guests, making it easier to break the ice and start a conversation.

Try to arrive at the door at the suggested time, don’t be too early or late. That will just mess up your hosts, and you don’t want to put them out if you want to get invited back. Remember to bring some kind of hostess gift, a bottle of wine will do (and put a note with you names on it to make it easier for your hosts to remember who was nice enough to bring it). Bring them a little something even if they said it is not necessary.

The host or hostess will show you around, letting you know where the play areas are and what house rules they may have in effect. Things like which rooms you can go to and close the door. Some rooms will be an open door only. Feel free to ask questions, or voice any concerns you may have. This is the perfect opportunity to do this.

Some typical Swingers House Party rules to follow:

Don’t gawk at the door if the door is open, either move on or ask if you can join in. Just because the door is open that does not necessarily mean it is a open invite to join them. A little look while passing by is okay though.

If the door is closed, move on. Do not open it, or knock on it… just imagine what you will be interrupting.

If they have a hot tub, always remember the motto “if you have to cum… go” somewhere else, that rule is meant for the gentlemen wanting to cum in the water. If you are getting oral sex then you should be okay. If it is an outdoor hot tub, be wary of neighbours, you don’t want them to hear you screaming, they may not think the same way as we do.

Now on to the regular party advice.

First thing you will notice is that a Swingers House Party is very similar to a regular party. Generally things will start with a kitchen party. Everyone meeting each other, mingling, getting to know each other. The big difference is that everyone will be dressed a little sexier (okay a lot sexier) than at a straight party.

The hostess will try to change it from a kitchen party to an anywhere else party, but it won’t work. So there you are in the kitchen and all of a sudden everyone is gone. Hopefully you are gone as well.

Where did everyone go?

Into some of the play rooms silly. You do know you are at a Swingers House Party, or did you forget already.

If you find someone interesting, go ahead and invite them to join you somewhere else. If you wait around for someone to invite you, it may not happen, so suck up your shyness and just ask.

If they say yes then great, if not don’t take it personally they may just want to know you better first. Let’s go on the assumption that they said yes.

Also it is just good etiquette to clean up before you get involved with someone. It is customary for the hosts to leave out extra towels and wash cloths for just that purpose. You can also bring some wipes yourself, just to be sure.

You now find yourself in a play room with another couple, remember this is what you are here for… nerves and all. If you have not done so already, make sure to let them know what rules you and your partner have about swinging. They need to know things such as soft swinging, full penetration, kissing, etc. You will also need to know what their rules are. (Hope you remembered to bring your condoms with you, or that the hosts provided them.)

Some last words of wisdom:

Don’t be a room hog, remember there are other people at this party and they may be waiting for a room to become available.

Don’t drink too much… no one wants to deal with a drunk.

Don’t be on a mission to have sex with everyone, there will be other nights and parties.

Don’t just play and leave the party right away, enjoy some of the social aspects towards the end of the party.

Make sure to say good night and thank you to your host and hostess. You want them to remember how nice you are. Just don’t interrupt them if they are in the middle of some play time themselves.

Play your cards right and you will be invited to another swingers house party, with many more in the future.

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