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Hedo Renovation Update

Hedo II has been needing renovations for way to long and it is so great to see that the new owners are being true to their word and are giving our favourite resort some TLC. (Didn’t know the resort had been sold?, you need to read about the Hedo II sale.) Below is a recent […]

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Hedo II Sold Is Good News

Hedonism II Sale is Officially Complete The fact that Hedonism II is sold is good news… Good news for a few reasons. The new owner is actually a newly formed company which is headed by majority stockholder Harry Lange, Jon Gross of UnWind Travel (Fluffernutters), the John Issa Family and Kevin Levee, the hotel’s current […]

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Hedo III Is Closing

Image via Wikipedia You heard me right, Hedonism III is Closing…. at least as the Hedo club we know and love. SuperClubs has scheduled a renovation for the existing Hedonism III property (in Runaway Bay, Jamaica)

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