Hedo Renovation Update

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Hedo II has been needing renovations for way to long and it is so great to see that the new owners are being true to their word and are giving our favourite resort some TLC. (Didn’t know the resort had been sold?, you need to read about the Hedo II sale.)

Below is a recent picture showing the new look and design for Hedo‘s rooms, complete with mood lighting and you would not believe how great the new bathrooms are. By moving the closet it gave them the option to increase the size of the bathroom, which was much needed.

Hedo II room renovations

Now that the final concept for the new room design is complete, renovations are underway, but will be done in small blocks, so as to keep disruption to guests to a minimum. One thing which is really cool is that each staff member, living on the property, is getting a fully renovated room with new TV, bathrooms and furniture!

Hedo built its reputation as an adult-only vacation experience for open-minded, fun-loving people. It was the place to party, and it still is.” ~ Kevin Levee

Plus, even more important for those of us who LOVE spending time on Hedo‘s Nude beach (and who doesn’t?) there are 400 NEW Beach Chairs with the all important Cushions plus 50 new umbrellas, ordered and on their way and set to arrive next month.

Also New At Hedo:

  • Expanded wide selection in the new Wine Bar (additional cost)
  • They hired the chef from Breezes Grand Lido
  • Expanded the Salad bar and dessert options
  • New pastry kitchen
  • New Pizza oven
  • No more Towel cards! Your towels are located in the closet in your rooms.
  • Hired more ENTERTAINMENT staff with a day and night time shift to ensure more enthusiastic daily activities

Experience the New Hedo for yourself.

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