steak and a bj day

steak and blowjob day

Steak and BJ Day

Just so you know it is time to celebrate (today happens to be one of every man’s favourite days). It is Steak and a BJ (Blow Job) day! Just don’t confuse today with our “Swingers Steak and a Blow Job day” which is the first Friday in July, but there is no reason that we […]

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Steak and Blowjob Day

I did not want you to forget… Today is Steak and a Blow Job day (I must say Ted really does enjoy this celebration for some reason) this is not to be confused with our “Swingers Steak and a Blow Job day” which is in July (do not worry I will let you know when […]

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Gone To Hedo II

Right now Ted and I are putting the finishing touches on our packing for our much needed vacation to Hedo, been looking forward to it for months. Will let you know how great a time we had once we are back (will be back in the office on Tues. March 16th). Have a great couple […]

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