Steak and BJ Day

steak and blowjob day

Just so you know it is time to celebrate (today happens to be one of every man’s favourite days). It is Steak and a BJ (Blow Job) day! Just don’t confuse today with our “Swingers Steak and a Blow Job day” which is the first Friday in July, but there is no reason that we cannot celebrate both of them. I plan to 😉

If your girl is a little hesitant to celebrate with you, give her a copy of the book Blow by Blow, and you will never regret it. Trust Me!

Guys, you also will need to do your part so to thank her for all the Great Blow Jobs you will get once she reads that book, you will want to get Lick by Lick to learn some great tricks to use the next time you go down on her!

If she is really not sure about giving you a BJ, you could also try to get some Amazing Hand Jobs, which are also fun to give and receive.

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