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Closet Swingers

Why are there no pictures on their profile? Maybe they are “closet swingers.” You are on SandiOnSwinging.com and you are reviewing some ads. You come across one of a couple that you are very interested in – they have a great write up, but surprisingly, there are no pictures. Why not? Why are they “hiding?”

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Sex Issues

Performance Issues Causing Her To Want To Stop Swinging

My wife doesn’t want to swing anymore because the guys don’t seem to be able to get it up. What’s wrong with them?Signed, Confused & Frustrated Dear C&F, Believe it or not, that is a very common issue within the swinging community. I am glad you are thinking what is wrong with them, the only […]

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Aphrodisiacs – Fact or Myth?

Aphrodisiacs are generally based more on cultural myths than fact, but that doesn’t stop their allure which continues to this day, as people still experiment with them in an effort to rev up their sex lives. Some aphrodisiacs are just common sense (anything that makes us feel good when we eat it), some are medical […]

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