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Performance Issues Causing Her To Want To Stop Swinging

My wife doesn’t want to swing anymore because the guys don’t seem to be able to get it up.
What’s wrong with them?
Signed, Confused & Frustrated

Dear C&F,

Believe it or not, that is a very common issue within the swinging community. I am glad you are thinking what is wrong with them, the only thing is your wife is probably thinking it has something to do with her. That she is not desirable enough for them to get excited, or that her talents are not up to snuff sexually.

Reality is there are many reasons this could be happening, it could be the pressure of having to preform, so many try soft (no pun intended) swinging thereby he can just sit or lie back and enjoy without having to think about positions, etc.

It could also be the pressure of having another man close by, who makes him feel self conscience. He may think that you are more fit, better looking, have a big/better penis than him, or that you are making his wife react differently than he could.

Tell your wife it is not her and if there is one or two couples in particular that you both really like then maybe (even though it will be awkward) talk with them about it. You may be surprised how well it will turn out.

Good Luck & Enjoy… Sandi


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