SwingFest Swingers Convention Cancelled

Swingers Convention

Bad news for all who are booked to go to SwingFest (a Miami South Beach Lifestyle/Swingers Convention). For the second time in this convention’s history (first time being in 2010), they have had to cancel it at the last minute.

After a successful 2012 swingers convention at the same host hotel, Tropic MiamiBeat was broadened to a complete resort take over. The budget for such an event was planned in accordance with the projected 2013 sales of room packages and event passes. Projections, unfortunately, fell short. And then the hotel then demanded that they renegotiate the contract. At which time the hotel increased the rate of all rooms, including the rooms that were already pre-booked, by over 30%, in addition reducing the event space to a smaller venue (so it would no longer be a hotel takeover). While initial hotel deposits were made under the contract, the increased final deposit invoice was excessive; therefore, the swingers convention management was unable to meet the new demands placed upon them by the hotel. And as such had no choice but to cancel this event.

If you are already booked and have not been contacted by the convention staff please visit, SwingFest Swingers Convention Refund Request.

There are a couple of options for those stuck in Florida with nothing to do now. One is Eyz Wide Shut is offering a special deal on lodging for out of town SwingFest guests. Plus, although it is on the gulf coast, Caliente Resort is well worth the drive across (not quite the Swingers Convention experience, but still a lot of fun).

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