If You Want An Ego Boost, Then Try Swinging

Sexy swinging woman sitting with nerd male

Think you don’t look good enough yet to start Swinging

A lot of us are not feeling as good about ourselves as we should, or would like to feel. Some of us have put on a few pounds, maybe there are some gray hairs showing which never used to be there or it could be that as a man you don’t have as much hair as you used to have. Whatever the reason is as to why you do not feel that you are at 100% of your potential, let me tell you one way to give your ego a boost. Try Swinging!

Swinging is an activity which although is about sexual attraction, it is not about looking like a model or movie star. As long as you are not looking to swing with a model yourself, then there is a very good chance you will be able to meet someone compatible. Once that happens you will find that just having someone new sexually interested in you is an ego boost in itself, but the real magic happens when they start to give you compliments. Your hair, eyes, muscle structure, etc. are all just waiting to be complimented.

Next thing you know you are in bed with this new partner who is stroking your body, with a different touch than your regular partner has, sending tingles up and down your spin. Just the fact that you are having sex with someone new who finds you sexually attractive starts you feeling better about yourself. Then this new person says something like “wow, does that ever feel good” or amazing (just insert your favourite activity here), when you do something sexual. Now you can’t tell me your ego is not feeling good right now. Having someone really appreciate what you do is such a great feeling.

Once things are done, and you are sitting around talking afterwards, and this new person thanks you because they had such a good time, and that you did things to them they had never experienced quite that way, but you weren’t even really trying to do anything special, this is just what you are like in bed. Now, it is going to be hard for you to get your head though that doorway.

See how easy it is to start feeling good about yourself. So if you are considering swinging, but want to wait until you get those last few pounds off, don’t worry about it. Most likely your new swinger partner will not even notice when you make his or her toes curl, or you get them screaming in ecstasy. Trust me swinging is going to be so good for you sense of well being.

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