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Three’s Company

Meeting Cheryl was a real chance encounter… I was scrambling to find a venue for a small office event at the eleventh hour and was disappointed to find out even the last place that I inquired was not available for that time. But the sweet lady who answered my phone call was kind enough to offer me another banquet hall at the same venue. I was so thrilled. We met immediately afterwards and her lovable personality and amazing sense of humor (and of course the gorgeousness!) made us bond very quickly.

We met for drinks after work few times and I also found out that her sister’s kids are in the same school as my younger girl. Cheryl had two young kids at that time and was juggling many things as a working mom. We talked about a lot of things including our relationships with our significant others and she was very open about sharing her experiences too. My husband and I were experimenting with polyamorous relationships with very selective people at that time and I had no doubt that Cheryl will be a great woman to join us in the bed. But I didn’t want to bring that up just yet as I was afraid that I might lose our relationship if she was just not into that.

About two months after our first meeting, I invited Cheryl, her hubby and the two kids for a BBQ at my place. Cheryl’s sister Beth and her girls were also invited as I have known her well by now through Cheryl. We were enjoying a glass of wine, the two guys were BBQing and the girls were watching a movie. I still remember Cheryl was wearing a short denim skirt and matching navy blue, off-the-shoulder short sleeves tight top that day evening.

She was beyond hot!!

While Cheryl’s sister was helping with setting up the table, I took Cheryl downstairs to the basement to bring up some chairs. We were both laughing hard from a dirty joke she just shared. She was so pretty. I couldn’t resist planting a kiss on her lips right at that moment… She was a bit surprised at first but allowed me to kiss her again, a long wet kiss this time with a bit of tongue… while we held hands. I moved my hand to her bum, pressing her gently towards my body… She was enjoying it… we didn’t want to make any noise.

Then we heard the footsteps of her sister coming to the basement door, so we quickly grabbed the chairs and headed upstairs. I still remember that we were giggling like two teenagers while walking back.

We had a really good evening that day and Cheryl was giving me the mischievous glances throughout the evening. When I told my husband what happened after they left, he was very interested to see her join us in the bedroom as well. Rob actually had a crush on Cheryl’s sister and thought she was flirting with him (well, he has a thing for curvy chicks as he finds their pussies are But I told him that’s not gonna work as I wasn’t going to jeopardize my relationship with Cheryl since I’ve begun to love that girl insanely by then. He agreed.

Two days later I met Cheryl for drinks after work and we were laughing about the incident at my place. I decided to go for it and told her that I find her hot and that I would love to have a good time with her – either just the two of us or joining a threesome with Rob. She said she hasn’t had a girl/girl thing since college and hasn’t been in a 3some before. However, she thought it was a fascinating idea and would definitely consider it.

She was considering a Threesome with us

A few days later we met again. This time it was her who brought it up and asked me if she joined us for a 3some whether Rob would keep it confidential. I said to her that Rob is very respectful to ladies in every which way and he is the most trustworthy person that I have ever known. Since I have shared lot of Rob’s hidden “talents” with her by then, she was beginning to warming up to having him join us.

She finally agreed to try out a threesome with Rob & I and we decided to meet at my place as it was deemed safer and had more privacy. We planned it for a Tuesday and both Rob & I took the day off. Cheryl was supposed to come around 11 am and since both my girls will not be back from school until at least about 4 pm, we had ample time to have a good fun. But things changed on Monday evening when my older girl informed us that she will be attending a school event the following day and will be leaving home only after lunch. This last minute announcement from her really derailed all our plans. I even offered to drop her at her friend’s place in the morning so that they can both go to the event together, but it didn’t work out.

So, I called Cheryl Monday night to tell her about this problem and asked her whether there is anyway we can meet at her place. She said she will call me back in an hour to let me know. I remember waiting patiently for her phone call as both Rob and I were pretty annoyed by this last minute monkey wrench my daughter threw at our plans. Cheryl called exactly an hour later to let us know that she made some arrangements and we can come to her place in the afternoon instead. She arranged her mom to pick up the kids from school and keep them at her place until late evening. She was going to leave work after lunch and her hubby and her mom were under the impression that she will be attending a company event in that afternoon.

Rob and I were so excited.

We both groomed well in the morning and since it was a late spring day, I remember wearing a flirty short dress and covering it with my spring overcoat. Cheryl was living in a very cozy house and gave us both a big warm hug when we entered the door. She was wearing a lovely sleeveless blouse and shorts. The first thing I asked her as soon as I entered the house was “is it safe?” She nodded and responded in her typical mischievous way “Yep, all taken care of”. I knew she was nervous as any first timer would be. But I was so happy to see that she is looking forward to the experience as well.

Since Rob and I are the two experienced people out of the three, I wanted her to pass the nervous stage quickly, After we hung our coats, I put my arm around her neck and whispered in her ear that she looks amazingly sexy. She smiled. Both of us were walking towards her living room and Rob followed us. She asked whether we would like to drink anything. I said maybe later as I didn’t want anything to impede my “performance” or memory of this as I have been looking forward to it for far too long.

When we sat on the sofa, I pulled her onto my lap and began kissing her. Rob sat next to us. She wasn’t making a lot of eye contact with Rob but enjoying my attention. While kissing, I began taking my hand up her thigh stroking it gently. Our lips were deeply locked together. I grabbed Rob’s hand and placed it on her other thigh. Rob began making his signature gentle circular moves from his hand as well. Then I gently pushed her off my lap to the chair to make her sit between Rob and I. We both laughed. She wanted to kiss me then. That’s when, for the first time I knew how good a kisser she was when we were playing the tongue games. Rob was busy stroking her thigh while rubbing his face on her boobs. Since all three of us had a nice warm up, we decided to enjoy a glass of wine before we move further. Cheryl and I went to the kitchen and I helped her to open the wine. She also had some cheese and crackers for us.

I caressed her butt underneath her shorts

While she was putting the crackers onto the serving plate, I was caressing her butt taking my hand underneath her shorts, she told me that she is enjoying everything so far. I then took her hand and pressed it against my pussy. She pulled me closer to her, put her hand around my neck and began kissing me and caressing my pussy. While we were making out so passionately, Rob walked in to the kitchen. It didn’t take long until he joined us and began moving his hand around her pussy while nibbling at her ear gently.

We took a short break to enjoy some munchies and taste the wine but our hands were still busy keeping everyone’s mood intact. We were still standing up when I unzipped her shorts while Rob put his hand underneath her top. While caressing her boobs, he gently pulled her top over her head. Taking her bra off, he started to slowly lick and suck at her lovely rose petal nipples. She moaned, I could feel her hips starting to rotate when Rob was kissing her boobs and stroking her lower belly.

After dropping her shorts on the floor, I pulled her tiny thong to one side and started stroking the clean shaven outside of her pussy lips. She whimpered in my ear as she returned the favour by rubbing tiny circles over the outside of my undies. I slowly slid four fingers over her already wet pussy, then carefully slid one inside her… plunging deep, I felt her hand inch its way inside my undies too. I thrust my tongue into her mouth and pulled her tighter against my body.

I could see her feeling Rob’s hardened dick. Rob unzipped his pants and took his dick out. Cheryl started stroking it while still locking her lips against mine. Cheryl suggested that we go to her bedroom, so we picked up her clothes from the floor and she lead us to her master bedroom, wearing only her undies and holding both our hands. Her master bedroom was spacious and nicely decorated.

We asked her whether we should go to another room as we didn’t want to leave any traces of our visit, but she insisted we stay there and said that she already has made all the arrangements, pointing to the nicely folded sheet set on the dressing table waiting ready to go on the bed after we finish our playing. She also said she called her hubby’s office half hour ago and confirmed that he will be having meetings until late evening. We all laughed and commended her for taking care of every little thing.

She has become very comfortable with both of us by then. She helped me to take my dress off and Rob pulled his pants down while still having his hardened dick sticking out over the elastic band of his underwear. Rob began rubbing his dick on her butt and between her butt cheeks. After we all got down to only our undies, we got onto the bed. I moved Cheryl’s face closer to Rob’s dick and she started licking it softly and sliding it gently inside her mouth, stroking it and cupping his balls.

My face directly touched her pussy

I turned my body and adjusted my position so that my face could directly touch her pussy. I pulled her thong down with my teeth and thrust my tongue inside her heavily soaked pussy. She was moaning softly. We took turns eating each others pussies and then licked Rob’s dick together, giggling like two mischievous teenagers. Rob was always multi-tasking and never let either of us feel neglected. Rob went down on both of us while Cheryl & I were fingering each other. There is nothing more exciting than having a woman’s finger and a guy’s mouth pleasing your pussy at the same time.

I asked Rob to start his final act with Cheryl first. I was stroking her hair and kissing her lips while Rob kept fucking her and moving her legs left and right. Her moaning became louder. Then Rob switched to me. Cheryl helped Rob insert his dick in me and I gave her a big high five for that. Cheryl had already had an orgasm by then and when Rob finally took his dick out of my pussy to release his load on us, we both came again while fingering each other. Rob rubbed a fair share of his cum on both our boobies, another signature act of him.

We all rested for awhile in the bed. Then we all used their kids shower to clean up and I helped Cheryl to remake the bed. We left her house after having a round of coffee and promising to join each other again very soon. And I can’t wait for our next threesome.

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